Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vonna's Spooky RR

Hello Fellow Spooky Stitchers!
I've spent the last 4+ hours working on graphing out/laying out my Halloween RR and I think it is FINISHED!!! (well the graphing - that is... I still have to do the fabric layout and block bastings...and the stitching too but....I'm not thinking about that YET!)

I have a stained this 32 ct. linen to use for the RR:

And my contribution to the RR is going to be the center block as the Crow with the Witches hat on that says "Trix or Treat" and then above that I'm stitching the "Merry Halloween" as seen in this photos of the cover and interior page of Blackbird Designs book "Trix or Treat":

Then I have around these two stacked central squares a "U" shape with 4 side squares (2 on each side) that measures 50W x 50H with a 50W x 10H "signature block" beneath each square. And then the across the bottom of the RR (forming the U) is 3 blocks that measure 60W x 60H with a 60W x 10H signature block below each square.
Framing the whole "DEAL" is a primitive border that I think I'm going to do in a dark blackish color.
Total stitched area of the piece: 238 x 236 - which translates into a stitched area of: 14 3/4 x 14 3/4....almost the perfect size for what I'm wanting to do with it when completed - which is make a Seasonal Quilt using this fabric (If I win it on ebay):

And then hang it in my foyer on my quilt rack for my seasonal displays! HURRAY! Think it will all come together? I sure do hope so!

Thanks for looking ;) I love it when my ideas firm up into something tangible!


DaisyGirl said...

Looks like it's gonna be a fantastic layout plan! I've ordered that book also! I'm waiting on my linen to come!

Barbeeque4 said...

I have also ordered that book and am holding off the final decision on mine until I see what it holds inside....

Vonna - your design layout sounds great and that fabric looks super!!!

Terry said...

Wow Great Layout plans and I have that book also, great minds like the same thing right...I am still really torn on mine, you are doing great planning, my fabric is on its way though!!

Tanya said...

Oh WOW - just found this RR and sorry it's full. Looks like LOTS of fun ~ I'll enjoy seeing everyone's progress. Vonna, LOVE that linen. So spooky!!!