Monday, June 2, 2008

And the scary stitchers are......drumroll please!

Edgar, Ulla, Terry, Hannah, Shelley, Carol, Vonna and myself!!!
That's 8 stitchers, so everyone can plan out their linens now!
The rules are: Halloween or Fall Related(Hannah wants Fall-so I said ok for her) Please let me know, I'm gonna add a side bar that shows what each stitcher wants their rr to be! Mine will totally be spooky, scary Halloween!!!!!!
The stitching size will be 60 x 60, this means, if you want to stitch something 50x 50, that's ok, as long as it's ok with each stitchers linen piece. Or you could stitch a center square and have friends add around that design. The sky's the limit on this! Just make sure you buy plenty of linen for your rr.
You can use either 28 or 32 count. I'm leaving this open to each stitcher to choose what they like. I've found this awesome hand dyed, but it's only in 28. I must have that for mine!!!!!!
I'll email the rotation and addresses to everyone later this week.
Our first mailing date will be July 15th. That should give everyone a chance to get linens, and stitch the beginnings of your Halloween RR!
Thanks to each one for signing up! I'm thrilled to have Vonna and Terry stitching with me! I've received awesome stitching from both these ladies!
Well, Dracula wants a snack........haha!

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Carol said...

OK - great! I will put my thinking cap on and decide on what I want and let you all know ASAP - cannot wait to hear what we will be stitching for each other :-)