Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mine is in the mail today!

Ulla, I mailed mine today! The way mine is set up is: everyone can choose a room to stitch, or someone can choose the roof section and sky area to stitch! I will add the tombstones later with everyone's initials and the fence once I get it back! Please stitch your name in the room that you stitch in. Please make it small as not to overpower everyone's wonderful stitching!

I'm glad this is up and running!

Stitching Vamp Queen Donna!


Carol said...

What kinds of Halloween things do you want in the rooms? Anything or furniture? Could be a silly question, but I really don't understand... thanks Donna :-)

Ulla said...

Wow, this looks great! Can't wait to get it here :-)

I posted mine yesterday. I am at the moment summer holiday trip so I will post a pictures of it next week.

Terry said...

I love the idea. I'm with Carol, do you want an actual room or do you want halloween characters, etc.. The fabric is soo fantastic and the design such a great idea!!