Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome Stitching Friends!

Halloween is one of my most cherished holidays! I love vintage Halloween art and I am excited to host a new Round Robin. Our theme will of course be Halloween. I do not mind 28 or 32 count, I plan on using a colored hand dyed linen for mine. We have a design area of 50 x 50 per stitcher, not too large that the stitching can get done quickly. We have a total of 6 stitchers. So depending on how you want your linen to lay, buy accordingly so you have enough linen!
We will start in July, once I have a survey from all who are stitching!
Spooks to you....
Witching Queen Donna


Hannah said...

Great choice of a name for the blog! I <3 it!

Barbeeque4 said...

I am super excited!!! I ma trotting on over to NIAH to check out linen.... :)

Einschies blog said...

May I also join this RR???? Would be fun to get a halloween one.-)))