Saturday, May 31, 2008


You scary stitchers ;)

Thank you to Donna for letting me join! WaaaaHOOO and a big BOO!

Ideas are just floating and floating thorugh my head! I'm going to Hobby Lobby today and get some rit to try my hand at dying some fabric suitable to this cause.

I believe that I'm going with a Halloween "HOUSE" to decorate theme - I have a couple of really cool Halloween House charts that I've been really wanting to stitch and I think the "squares" for you all to stitch can be anything related to Halloween that you would "decorate" the house with or to celebrate Halloween. Still in the infant stage...but we'll see what I can come up with over the next month...YIKES!

Glad to be here with a lovely set of stitchers ;0)




DaisyGirl said...

So glad your with us!
ps: I do like the top one too!

Hannah said...

Ooo! That's a neat-o idea. Wish I woulda thought of it! :) Any ideas for fall? heh =)