Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finished Terry's RR

I finished up Terry's RR tonight, and I will be mailing it off to Edgar tomorrow morning. I apologize that the fabric looks so dull in my photos - so not even close to how it looks IRL... I did not use the flash since I was under lights in my finished basement... looks so gray here.

Terry's RR is starting to look a bit like a Halloween neighborhood to me, so after searching my stash a few times and scratching my head, I decided to continue that theme (and keep with the colors others have been using too) -

Happy Halloween
Shepherd's Bush - in All Through The Year, 1996

... And here is how Terry's entire RR is looking as of tonight... enjoy Edgar!

Terry, I really hope you like it! It was fun to stitch on once I finally found a chart ;-) Oh my, only one round to go!! This group blog has been sooo quiet! Hope all are well....


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Terry said...

Carol, I love it.. That is a perfect design for it. Thank you so much!!