Saturday, February 28, 2009

4 Days Late!! GADS! Finished Hannah's RR!

This month has totally gotten away from me! Oh heck, this whole year has gotten away from me - and stitching/stitching blogging is such a luxury when I can fit it in (so rare, but I hope it gets better!)... I finished Hannah's sweet RR today! I hope you like it Hannah - it seems we have all pretty much decided so far to keep with using Prairie Schooler charts for you - I think it has good balance and your colors all match. Which is a good thing! I had fun with it today - and off it goes to Edgar on Monday, unless the huge storm forecasted is soooo bad that even my DH is not willing to drive to the PO. But the forecast we just heard indicated that by mid to late day we should be able to get around ;-) Watch for it Edgar :-)

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