Sunday, November 2, 2008

How's everyone doing?

Hope everyone is getting ready for the next shifting! I'll be sending to Ulla tomorrow! So start watching Ulla!
Remember, let your mailing buddy know if will be late with mailing.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Carol said...

Doing well - DH is mailing Ulla's RR to Edgar today, and I do already have Donna's, just thinking of what to stitch on it now ;-)

Terry said...

Carol's left for Hannah on either Friday or Saturday, can't remember which, LOL. It is going priority so should be there in a few days.

Vonna said...

Oh CRAP...I had it down as the 14 of that would have given me another week....I'm off tomorrow as is my I'll get to work...I'm sure I can get close to mailing by the 5th....SORRY Donna :(

DaisyGirl said...

No worries Vonna!